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What’s a Log File and What are Log File Monitors?

in Miscellaneous on February 3, 2020

Log file monitors

A log file is used to record events that occur while a program is running. Log files of systems and applications contain invaluable information such as operation status & results, errors, and much more. 

Monitoring the log files helps us to know the performance of the systems and mission critical applications in real-time.

Attackers may modify log files to remove attack traces.

If we use log file monitors, they scan log files to detect suspicious events, and alerts admin. In order to detect problems automatically, system administrators and operations set up monitors on the generated logs. 

The log monitors scan the log files and search for known text patterns and rules that indicate important events.

Once an event is detected, the monitoring system will send an alert, either to a person or to another software/hardware system. 

Monitoring logs help to identify security events that occurred or might occur. Using a centralized box for monitoring several logs at a time a good idea but it has it's own drawbacks as well.

There are few ways we can monitor log files in real time

1. We can use third party tools

2. Use notepad++ and change your preferences about alerts and you’ll have a free log monitor

3. Use windows PowerShell

4. Use Command Prompt

Batch processing of log files is a better idea if you want less alerts, but you may not get alerts in real time, that’s a big drawback.

Real-time operating systems typically refer to the reactions to data. A system can be categorized as real-time if it can guarantee that the reaction will be within a tight real-world deadline, usually in a matter of seconds or milliseconds.

Batch processing is the processing of a large volume of data all at once. Batch data processing is an extremely efficient way to process large amounts of data that is collected over a period of time.

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