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What is Etrieve Flow?

in Miscellaneous on December 4, 2021

What is Etrieve?

Etrieve, also known as Etrieve by Softdocs, combines document management, electronic forms and workflow into a content management platform.

It is built specifically for educational institutions and it is fully scalable.

Etrieve gives control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.

Etrieve Flow

Etrieve Flow is an intuitive, graphical and user-friendly workflow tool that can be used to build, configure and automate workflows for business processes.

Students and employees benefit from increased workflow visibility through detailed workflow history, real-time reporting and intelligent navigation features.

Etrieve Flow improves process efficiencies and reduces processing times by ensuring documents always go where they need to. It has customizable notifications.

The intuitive design allows you to create pathways as simple or multifaceted as your specific processes dictate, reducing current workflow bottlenecks, increasing visibility and standardizing disparate business operations.

Graphical, integrated, automated

This is how Etrieve Flow looks:

Etrieve Flow

Building Workflows of any type using Etrieve Flow is simple and intuitive with drag and drop functionality within the
Workflow designer.

There are no complex computer languages to learn. The interface is welcoming, not intimidating.

The result is a graphical representation of your business processes that is easy for everyone to understand.

An all-inclusive workflow solution

You can leverage on Etrieve Flow to blend content and forms with existing ERP data to save even more time and resources.

For e..g. automatically push completed e-forms through a predetermined workflow to a reviewer.

Once approved, e-forms can file directly to the correct student, vendor or employee folder in Etrieve Content and pass data back to your ERP, eliminating the need to manually re-key submitted information.

Credit: Softdocs Product Overview

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