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What are Class Constants in PHP?

in PHP on June 16, 2021

Class constants are a bit different than normal(?) constants. Mostly they are used to declare some constant data inside a class.

You can define class constants inside a class with a const keyword and they’ll stay unchangeable. They can be redefined by the child class though.

Constant identifiers are case-sensitive but they are always defined in uppercase.

By default, the visibility of class constants if public.

You can have constants in interfaces too!

You can reference a class using a variable but the value of the variable can not be a keyword like self, static or parent.

Class constants are allocated once per class, and not for each class instance.

Class Constant Examples

You can use the scope resolution operator (::) to access the class constant. For e.g.


Class constants can be simple like this:

class Greetings {
  const MESSAGE = "Hello World!";

echo Greetings::MESSAGE; //Hello World!

You can also define it inside a method:

class Greetings {
  const MESSAGE = "Hello World!";
  function showGreetings() {
     echo  self::MESSAGE;

$g = new Greetings();
$g->showGreetings(); //Hello World!

Class constant expression example

const ONE = 1;
class foo {
    const TWO = ONE * 2;
    const THREE = ONE + self::TWO;
    const SENTENCE = 'The value of THREE is '.self::THREE;

echo foo::SENTENCE; 
//The value of THREE is 3

Class constants with visibility

From PHP 7.1.0, you can define class constants with visibility (access) modifiers.

class Foo {
    public const BAR = 'bar';
    private const BAZ = 'baz';
echo Foo::BAR; //bar
echo Foo::BAZ; //Fatal error

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