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Variables scope and shadowing in SCSS (Sass)

in SCSS on May 9, 2021

When you define variables in SassScript at the top, they become global variables.

Global variables can be accessed anywhere in their module.

When you declare variables in a block { }, they become local variables and they can only be accessed inside that block.

What’s Shadowing in SassScript?

You can declare local variables with a same name as the global variables.

So, if there are multiple devs working on the same file and are not aware of the global variable name and declare a local variables with a same name, then no need to worry about SassScript failure. SassScript helps prevent that kind of failure.

Let’s modify the example above a bit and make the $font-size variable local and global both.

What if you want to change the value of a global variable from local scope?

In that case, we we can use !global flag.

When you assign a value to a variable using a !global flag, that value is always assigned to a global scope.

Let’s modify the same example above:


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