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Useful (and probably ignored) HTML tags: Part 2

in HTML on July 21, 2021

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Some Interesting HTML Attributes


BDO = Bi-Directional Override

The bdo tag overrides the direction of the texts.


The cite tag is used to define the title for a book, a painting — something that can be considered an unique or a creative piece of work.

The cite tag will render texts in italic by default. Just like the address tag

<p><cite>The Alchemist</cite> is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho that was first published in 1988.</p>

col and colgroup

The colgroup tag is used to make a group of one or more columns in a table and apply a specific formatting using CSS.

To define that “number of columns”, you can use the col tag.

It’s an handy option to style multiple columns with single line of code rather than repeating code in each element. You could always use an external stylesheet as an alternative.

The colgroup must be placed inside a table tag after the caption tag and before the thead tag.


The data tag is used for data processing and adds a value that can be easily read and processed by machines for tasks such as reports.

<p>We need to order few more <data value="11302">Apple MacBook Pros</data>.</p>


The datalist tag is used to define a list of options for an input element.

You can just add a list of options way before you add an input element and then just link them together later when you add an input element via list attribute.

Another advantage of using datalist is that it enables “autocomplete” feature so that you probably won’t need a third party JS library to enable autocomplete in your options selection.


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