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Use SwiperJS to create mobile touch sliders fast

in Miscellaneous on July 31, 2021

Swiper is free modern mobile touch slider.

Here’s their github repo.

The native behaviour it provides is pretty amazing.

I know there are plenty of libraries out there but give this a chance. I do not make any money promoting this product. I just like it.

Even though their tagline is “Most Modern Mobile Touch Slider” on their website, you can use it on websites – desktop and mobile, mobile apps and more.

Swiperjs is not compatible with all platforms since their focus is more on modern apps/platforms.


Here’s a quick demo on JSFiddle.

You have tons of options to play with. You can have pagination, progress, scrollbars, loops, effects, zoom, gallery, parallax and many more options.

Checkout the demos from SwiperJS official website

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