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@use rule in SCSS (Sass)

in SCSS on May 10, 2021

The @use rule is basically like @import, it loads variables, mixins, functions from other SassScript stylesheets.

Stylesheets loaded via @use rule are called “modules”.

This is how you can write the @use rule:

@use "./variables.scss";

Stylesheets loaded with @use rule are only included once in the CSS after compilation, even if you include it multiple times.

That’s why it’s better to import files by @use rule rather than @import rule.

You must always add the @use rules before any other rules except @forward rules.

@use rule Example

Let’s say you have a separate stylesheet for links style, “basic/_links.scss

  padding: .2em;
  line-height: 1;

and another stylesheet for link hover state, “basic/_hover.scss

  color: yellow;

This is how you include those those stylesheets:

@use 'basic/links';
@use 'basic/hover';

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