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The * arithmetic operator in Envision Basic

in Envision Basic on November 10, 2021

The * arithmetic operator


expression * expression

The * arithmetic operator basically multiplies the expressions.

It can multiply the expressions on either side of the operator.

The * arithmetic operator is a synonym for another Envision Basic command, REM. REM creates a comment line.

You must include the REUSE function to apply arithmetic operations to all elements of a dynamic array.



The *= arithmetic operator


var =* expression

The *= arithmetic operator multiplies the value of a variable by the specified number.

Using *= operator is more efficient since it’s less code. For e.g. VAR *= 2 is better then VAR = VAR * 2

You must include the REUSE function to apply arithmetic operations to all elements of a dynamic array.


VAR1 = 10
VAR1 *= 2
// VAR1 IS 20 NOW

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