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Short-Circuit Evaluation in JavaScript

in JavaScript on April 16, 2021

In this “If statement shorthand examples in JavaScript” post, I have a short example on Short-Circuit in JavaScript.

In the current post, I am just going to list few examples to understand it better rather than just theory.

&& Operator

Let’s check if a function returns true and if so, call a function. This is how we approach it conventionally.


But, we can just write this code and it will do the same thing in less code.

adult && ageValid();

The && operator will only go for the second condition if the first one is true otherwise it will stop execution after the first one.

|| Operator

Let’s check if the age of an adult is undefined then log an error. This is how we approach it conventionally.

if(adult.age === 'undefined'){
  console.log('age unknown');

We can also just log the age and it will print “undefined” like this:


But, we can just write this code and it will do the same thing in less code.

console.log(adult.age || 'age unknown' );

The || operator will check both conditions no matter the outcome of the first one.

You can check more than two conditions just like this example: a short example on Short-Circuit in JavaScript


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