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Responsive Masonry Grid using CSS columns Property

in CSS on July 20, 2021

There are different ways to make grid using CSS in-built properties. You can use Flex or Grid or just block with columns! Let’s use the last option to do that.

Step 1: HTML

Just a simple container and images using picsum API call. Any random images with manually typing random width and height. We’ll adjust the height and width using CSS later on.

Step 2: CSS

This few lines of SCSS is what does the trick!

You can change the number of columns from 4 to 5 or 3 as per your requirements.

.grid-container {
  columns: 4 10rem;
  column-gap: 1rem;
  width: 90%;
  padding: 0 5%;

  .img-container {
    margin-bottom: 1rem;

    img {
      width: 100%;
      border-radius: 1rem;

Checkout the demo:


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