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PHP __construct() function

in PHP on June 9, 2021

Just like JavaScript constructor, PHP constructor initializes object’s properties when you create an object.

To add a constructor, you need to add a __construct() function in the class. So, when you create an object using that class, PHP will automatically call the __construct() function.

One of the advantage of adding a constructor is that you don’t need to add set_name() method and call it.


__construct (optional values)

You can pass multiple values with different types of variables, though it’s optional. You can skip passing any values. It doesn’t have any return values.

PHP __construct() function example

class Car {
  public $make;
  public $model;

  function __construct($make,$model) {
    $this->make = $make; 
    $this->model = $model; 
  function get_name() {
    return $this->make;
  function get_model() {
    return $this->model;

$car1 = new Car("Honda","Accord");
echo "The model for " . $car1->get_name() . " is " . $car1->get_model();
//The model for Honda is Accord

What happens when there’s a child class?

When you define a child class constructor, the parent constructors are NOT called implicitly.

If you want to call the parent class constructor then use this inside child constuctor:


If the child class doesn’t have a constructor defined then it may be inherited from the parent class.

PHP __construct() function example with inheritance

Here’s a really good example from PHP official docs to understand the constructor with inheritance.

class BaseClass {
    function __construct() {
        print "In BaseClass constructor\n\n";

class SubClass extends BaseClass {
    function __construct() {
        print "In SubClass constructor\n\n";

class OtherSubClass extends BaseClass {
    // inherits BaseClass's constructor

// In BaseClass constructor
$obj = new BaseClass();

// In BaseClass constructor
// In SubClass constructor
$obj = new SubClass();

// In BaseClass constructor
$obj = new OtherSubClass();


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