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Make sure your links have descriptive text

in UI/UX on April 7, 2021

You must have seen this error/flag in Lighthouse audit report.

Lighthouse audit showing links don't have descriptive text

Lighthouse flags the following generic link text:

  • learn more
  • click here
  • start
  • click this
  • go
  • this
  • more
  • right here
  • here

For example, DON’T DO THIS ❌

wrong method to add links

Why not?

The links are ambiguous as it doesn’t tell the users where it will lead them. It might be a spam and that’s why it should not be done that way.


right method to add links

Why so?

The links are NOT ambiguous anymore as it DOES tell the users where it will lead them. They know before clicking that they will go to Google website or Dreamhost website.

Some best practices defined by

  • Use link description relative to the page URl. For e.g. use Google’s Homepage for
  • Aim for a few words in the link descriptions.
  • Pay attention to your internal links descriptions too. It will help in SEO.
  • Don’t use the page’s URL as the link description.

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