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How to zoom an image inside a box on hover?

in CSS on July 31, 2021

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How to zoom an element on hover using CSS?

Implementing a zoom on image or other elements is easy, with just one single line. You use transform and scale the image.

But scaling the image inside a container requires a few more lines.

There are a few ways we can do this. I will demonstrate a couple of ways.

Adding overflow: hidden is MUST in both of these approaches. It will prevent the image from going outside of its container when it scales.

Using a fixed height and width

You can set a fixed height and width for a container and then adjust the image inside.

Additionally, you can have CSS properties like box-sizing

Using inline-block

First thing you need to do is to set the display property of the container to inline-block. You can have it set as inline-grid, inline-flex too if you’d like. Also, set the image to block or flex.

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