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How to use [] (square brackets) function in Envision Basic?

in Envision Basic on December 24, 2021

The [] (square brackets) function helps extract or replace any strings.


These are more like usages than syntaxes but we can use it like these:


  • num.expr1 is the starting position for the operation.
    • It refers to the character position where the replacement or extraction operation occurs.
  • num.expr2 is the number of characters involved in the operation.
    • For an extraction, UniData returns that number of characters.
    • For a replacement, UniData replaces that number of characters.

str.expr [num.expr1,num.expr2] = expr

In the usage above, the square bracket function replaces part or all of str.expr.


expr = str.expr [num.expr1, num.expr2]

In the usage above, the square bracket function extracts part or all of string.expr.


expr = str.expr [num.expr1] 

In the first form, the function replaces part or all of string.expr. In the
second form, the function extracts part or all of string.expr

When a null value is passed a command parameter where a number is expected for e.g (num.expr1, num.expr2) and if you have null value handling ON, you’ll get a warning message and UniBasic will use 0 as the value.


Extract the first character of the variable

F.INITIAL will have “S” stored as its value.


Change the first letter of the word

The resulting string will be “Merry Christmas”.

TITLE = 'Merry Xhristmas'
TITLE[7,1] = 'C'

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