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How to use $INSERT command in Envision Basic?

in Envision Basic on December 25, 2021

The $INSERT command used to insert UniBasic source code from your specified file into the program currently compiling.

The $INSERT command also used to insert code from a UNIX, or Windows platform sequential file.


Use it any of the following way:

$INSERT record [FROM [DICT] filename]

$INSERT filename {, | | > } record

$INSERT [pathname {, | | >} ] seq.filename


  • record = the record that has the code that you want to insert
  • filename = UniData directory containing the record.
    • If you do not pass the filename, the system will look for the record in the current file where the current compiling program is.
  • pathname = the directory containing seq.filename.
    • If you do not pass the pathname, the system will look for seq.filename in the current directory.
    • The delimiter used between the path and the file or the record can be either a space, a comma (,) or a greater than sign (>).
  • seq.filename = the name of an operating system sequential file


This following statement inserts the code from the file partial_code_file into the current compiling program in the COMP directory:

$INSERT partial_code_file FROM COMP

Use the $INSERT command in UniData for UNIX

This following statement inserts the code from sequential file into the current compiling program piece_of_code in the directory /folder/f2/dir:

$INSERT /folder/f2/dir/piece_of_code

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