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How to use @if and @else in SCSS?

in SCSS on June 15, 2021

if-else rule in SassScript is similar to if-else rule in any other programming language. Two blocks. Once for the condition success and another for everything else.

@if  { 
} @else{

We use if-else statement to control what to execute in different scenarios. Just like any other programing language, if-else returns true for the satisfied condition and false if not.

This is how we can easily place either a circle or a square using just if.

@if Example in SCSS

@if and @else Example in SCSS

Add few @else ifs

Once you add @else if, the blocks will only execute when the preceding @if‘s condition is the false and and the @else if’s condition is true.

If none of the conditions/expressions are true then it will execute the last @else block by default, if you add the @else block.

Let’s modify the first example:

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