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How to test the WordPress 5.9 Beta 4?

in WordPress on December 23, 2021

You can test out the latest WordPress 5.9 Beta 4!

This version is not fully developed yet so be careful and DO NOT install it on your live site.

Since this version is still under development, install it on your test or dev site first and see how the newly added features are working out for you. See if you’re having any code issues or plugin or theme issues after installing it. Make sure it doesn’t affect your theme CSS and change the look and feel of your site in any way.

3 ways to test WordPress 5.9 Beta 4

1. Using a plugin

You can install and use this WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

Once you activate the plugin, you need to select the “Bleeding edge” channel and “Beta/RC Only” stream.

2. Download the beta version

You can download the WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 zip file and use it directly.

3. Use command line

In this option, you need to use WP-CLI on command line.

Use this command first:

wp core update --version=5.9-beta4

Enter this command next:

wp core update --version=5.9-beta4 --force

When will WordPress 5.9 be released?

As per now, WordPress 5.9 will be released on January, 25 of 2022.

WordPress community will play a major role in testing out the beta versions and help sole the major bugs before the big release.

What’s new in WordPress 5.9 Beta 4?

Here’s a few new features you’ll see in WordPress 5.9 Beta 4.

  • Duplicate CSS rules fixed in Twenty Twenty-One theme
  • REST API change: The get_theme_item method changed, it’ll consider the fields parameter
  • Added a filter to allow to disable the Login screen language dropdown
  • and a few more

Credit: WordPress News

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