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How to switch dark and light themes using pure CSS?

in CSS on April 1, 2021

There are multiple ways to switch dark and light themes — mostly using scripts and few of them using CSS. Let me show you one quick and easy way to switch themes.

The idea is to get the value of use click. We can easily do that using a script but there’s a straightforward way to do the same using CSS too.

We can use checkbox and get the “values” when use clicks on it — we are not actually getting the values like we do using jQuery or JavaScript. CSS has away to check if the checkbox is checked or not using :checked selector.

We are not going to show the input element — it will be hidden. The label will be visible and when the user clicks on the label texts, the input will be updated and we will get what we want.

Let’s add some basic styles and make the container of hull height.

Finally, change the background and color on click (when the checkbox is checked)

To show user which mode is ON, we can add the ON and OFF after the label texts. Just like this:


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