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How to retrieve homepage URL in WordPress?

in WordPress on October 16, 2020

We can use home_url() function from WordPress to get the homepage URL, considering the front end is accessible.


home_url( $path = ' ', $scheme )

where $path can be string and $scheme can be null or string

Note: Path is the relative path to the home URL.

$scheme accepts 'http', 'https', 'relative', 'rest', or null and the default value is null.


$url = home_url();
echo $url;



$url = home_url( '/' );
echo $url;

// Output


$url = home_url( $path = '/', $scheme = 'https' );
echo $url;

// Output


$url = home_url( $path = 'yogeshchauhan', $scheme = 'relative' );
echo $url;

// Output 


Credit: developer.wordpress.org


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