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How to redirect or load a new document using JavaScript?

in JavaScript on March 14, 2021

Web APIs in JavaScript are really useful. One of the interfaces available is Location interface that has several properties and methods we can take advantage of.

We can use location.replace() or location.assign() method to redirect user to a new location.

Location replace() method in JavaScript

The replace() method simply replaces the current HTML document with a new one.

Location assign() method in JavaScript

The replace() method simply loads new HTML document in the browsing window.

What’s the difference between assign() and replace() methods in JavaScript?

The replace() method removes the URL of the current document from the browser’s document history. So, that the user can not go back using the “back” button in the browser. That way you can stop users from going back to the original document.

Which one should you use between assign() and replace() methods in JavaScript?

It depends on your requirements. If you want to give your users an option to go back to the original document, use the assign() method. If not, use the replace() method.

How to use assign() method in JavaScript?

The syntax is very simple:


where URL is a required string.

Use it like this:


How to use replace() method in JavaScript?

Same exact way as the assign() method.

The syntax is very simple:


where URL is a required string.

Use it like this:


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