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How to Pop an Alert Box in PHP?

in JavaScript & PHP on November 7, 2019

In this small article, I am going to show you guys how to show an alert box in PHP website or a webpage.

Let's get into the code right away.

We can use JavaScript or jQuery to show an alert box in case of showing an success or failure state of an event. For example, if user is submitting some data and it goes through, then we can display this kind of alert boxes to show everything is okay. If user couldn't enter data successfully, we can show failure alert box as well. In other cases, we can just show some general messages like "user profile created" or "password is wrong" etc. etc.

$alert = "alert box";
echo "<script type='text/javascript'>alert('$alert');</script>";

In the example above, as you see I am just declaring a variable and storing the message I want to display. You can make this variable dynamic and get user input and then display an alert according to the user input as well, it will just require few more lines of code, which I will cover in future articles. 

If you know, JavaScript then it's pretty basic code for you. We are just simply wrapping up the JavaScript code into PHP code. I have used echo statement to execute that JavaScript code. And our alert box is ready!

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