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How to delete a local and a remote Git branches?

in Miscellaneous on December 21, 2021

Delete Local Branch

This is how you can delete a local branch:

git branch (-d | -D) [-r] 

branchname will be deleted if you use a -d or -D option.

You can delete one or more than branch using the command above.

Note that if a branch has a reflog then that will also be deleted.

You can use -r and -d together to delete remote-tracking branches.


Delete one branch

This command will delete one branch named “test” with force.

git branch -D test

Delete multiple remote branches

Make sure to configure the fetch or pull otherwise they will create the branches again.

git branch -d -r origin/abc origin/xy origin/zzz

Command Options

-d is the shortcut for –delete

-D is the shortcut for –delete –force

-r is the shortcut for –remotes

Read more about it on Git-Scm

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