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How to define constants in PHP?

in PHP on June 15, 2021

Constants are more likely to be used as identifiers since their values CAN NOT change. The magic constants are a bit different in that sense.

Constant identifiers are case-sensitive but they are always defined in uppercase.

Before PHP 8, that wasn’t the case. If you had used define() function to define constants, they might not be case-sensitive!

The scope of a constant is global.

Rules to define a constant

Constant names are like any other variable names.

A valid constant name would start with a letter or underscore and you can add as many numbers, letters, underscores you want.

This is how you can define constants:

define("SITE", "yogeshchauhan.com");
define("BLOG", "yogeshchauhan.com");

You CAN NOT start a constant name with a number:

define("1SITE", "yogeshchauhan.com");
define("2BLOG", "yogeshchauhan.com");

This is valid but not recommended:

define("__SITE__", "yogeshchauhan.com");
define("__BLOG__", "yogeshchauhan.com");

PHP has magic constants and if in future they use the same name to add magic constant then that might break your code.

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