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How to create HTML elements with ID and class using JavaScript?

in HTML & JavaScript on February 13, 2021

In this JavaScript post, I demonstrated how to create HTML elements using JavaScript.

But many times, we need to create elements with class and id attributes so that we can target those newly created elements.

We can use setAttribute() Method to set id and class attributes.

setAttribute() Method

This method adds the defined attribute to an HTML element, and also adds a defined value to it.

For e.g. we can set background-color of an element like this:

el.setAttribute("style", "background-color: green;");

createElement with id

You will be able to see it using inspect element in any browser.

createElement with id

createElement with class

The same way we can set the class. Just like this:

You will be able to see it using inspect element in any browser.

createElement with id and class

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