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How to create a simple text and image slider using CSS and JavaScript?

in CSS & JavaScript on March 7, 2021

The trick in this simple text slider is when and where to keep the slides. So, hide and show the appropriate slides and that will create the slider effect.

Let’s create the text and image slider together so that we can use whichever one.

Let’s start with simple HTML:

I have used div tags but you can always swap it with list tags. You can style the list, animate the list or few other things with the list items.

Let’s set the box area to border-box and set the main container position to relative and give it a fixed height.

We need to stack the slides on top of each other and we can do that by setting the position of slides absolute. Also, we are setting the opacity as 0 for all slides initially. Also, add other styles as per your requirements. The transition property is to add some animation.

This will hide all slides.

Let’s add the additional class to show those hidden slides and add style for images too.

To set the content center horizontally and vertically, make the slide container flex and add this additional style:

That style will make the first slide show as it has the show class in the container. Now, we just need to add some script to move the class to each slide one by one and hide others. Let’s do that.

The setInterval method will call the function every 2 seconds.

Here’s how the slider will look like at the end:

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