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How to create a flip pricing table using CSS and JavaScript?

in CSS & JavaScript on March 28, 2021

Most pricing tables are made of 3 columns so in this example, I have only included 3 columns. You can add more or less by adjusting HTML content by keeping the same class name.

Before you start here are some good reads to go through to understand the code completely. I have broken down the complete code in small sections in these 6 previous posts.

Let’s start by adding the HTML contents. We’ll add the onclick function flip() in radio buttons that will be fired on click. We’ll add the JavaScript for that at the end.

Now, let’s add the style for the table columns and flip.

Let’s add the toggle switch to give the users options of switching the table pricing – Monthly vs Yearly.

Since we have the content ready, all we need is a JavaScript code to fire the flip on user click.

We can use querySelectorAll to get all the columns with the class name “column”.

The code after that will be added to the function flip() we talked about earlier. The function will get fired onclick and the table flip will occur.

I also have a nice explanation on “How to check if radio button is checked or not using JavaScript?“, which was the most read article recently. I’ll use the same code to get the clicks and values.

Based on those values, we’ll add a class and remove a class which will create the flip effect.

Here’s the JavaScript code:

Here’s the working demo:

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