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How to compress images with gulp in WordPress?

in WordPress on July 18, 2021

Follow first 3 steps from this post and install gulp and required packages.

How to install Gulp with WordPress?

Step 4: Plugin installation

npm install gulp-imagemin --save-dev

Step 5: Import the plugin

import { src, dest } from 'gulp';
import yargs from 'yargs';
import gulpif from 'gulp-if';
import imagemin from 'gulp-imagemin';

const PRODUCTION = yargs.argv.prod;


Step 5: Write a function

export const compressImages = () => {
  return src('assets/img/**/*.{jpg,jpeg,webp,png,svg,gif}')
    .pipe(gulpif(PRODUCTION, imagemin()))

Let’s discuss the function above.

As we saw in this compile and watch Sass with gulp post, using src we read the file and using dest we save the compressed images. yargs plugin is used to pass the –prod mode and using gulpif we add the conditions.

You can change the type of files in src as per your need. If you keep all types then it will search for all of those types.

This is how you can run the task by calling the function:

gulp compressImages

Step 6: Make it watch automatically

Let’s write another function using the watch from gulp.

export const watchImages = () => {
  watch('assets/img/**/*.{jpg,jpeg,webp,png,svg,gif}', compressImages);

This is how you can watch images:

gulp watchImages

After you run the command above, everytime you add a new image in that folder, it’ll compress it automatically!

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