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How to change value of a span tag using a reference from another div using jQuery?

in jQuery on January 23, 2021

We can use jQuery ID selector and target the span inside any element.

With jQuery ID selector we can select a single element with the given id attribute.

For id selectors, jQuery makes use of the JavaScript function document.getElementById().

After getting the element, we can set it’s content using either .text() or .html() method.


Few more Things to know about jQuery ID selector

We’ll get a jQuery object in return when we call jQuery() (you can also use $()) with an id selector as its argument. The object will contain a collection of either zero or one DOM element.

We’re aware of the basic HTML rule about id attribute. Each id must be used only once within the HTML document.

If by mistake, you have more than one element that has the same ID then jQuery will only select the first matched element in the DOM.

An HTML document that has more than one element with the same ID attribute is invalid.

While using jQuery ID selector, you have to escape the characters with backslashes if the id contains characters like periods or colons.

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