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How to add new elements with swing animation using JavaScript and CSS?

in CSS & JavaScript on February 14, 2021

In this post, I demonstrated how to create HTML elements using JavaScript. That’s what we are going to use to create elements.

We need to add texts inside the elements to make them visible. For that we can use innerHTML.

Let’s add HTML and CSS first.

I have opacity set 0 for p elements and opacity 1 for p elements with class .show.

I have added that variable i so that I can have a number to attach while creating the new p elements. For e.g. Item 3, Item 4, etc.

Let’s add create element functionality.

Now, to create swinging animation we need to add perspective to the parent div tag.

Just like this:

.div {
  perspective: 100px;

Also, we need to set transform property to -90deg for p tags and set it to none when the elements are shown using JavaScript. That will create a swing effect animation as soon as you add a new element.

Horizontal Swing animation

For Horizontal Swing animation, all we need to change is the transform property to rotateY(-90deg) from rotateX(-90deg).

Here is the live demo:

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