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How to Add, Edit and Delete a Workflow in Etrieve?

in Miscellaneous on December 26, 2021

Follow first two steps from this post but in the second step, click on the Workflows instead of Settings.

How to reprocess failed items in Etrieve Flow?

You’ll see the list of Workflows as shown in the screenshot below.

Etrieve Workflows list

Add a new Workflow

To add a new Workflow, click on the “Add New Workflow” option.

One you do that, Workflow Settings interface will be displayed.

Workflow Configuration | General Settings Tab

Configure the workflow as per your requirements.

Edit a Workflow

To edit an existing Workflow, you can either click on ‘EDIT’, and then click the name of the Workflow or click on the Workflow name. You’ll see the Workflow Configuration Page to edit.

EDIT Option

Delete a Workflow

One way to delete is to click on the EDIT just like we do for editing and you’ll see two options – ‘DELETE’ and ‘CANCEL’.

There is another way to delete a workflow. When you list workflows, you’ll see checkboxes next to their names. Select the Workflow(s) by clicking on the checkbox(es), then click the word ‘DELETE’.


There will be a Confirmation Panel after you click on DELETE and you may click either CONFIRM or CANCEL. Clicking on Cancel will take you back to the Workflow List and clicking on DELETE will delete a Workflow or multiple Workflows.

You won’t be able to delete a Workflow that has packages in-progress, in that case you’ll see error like this: “Workflow has in-progress instances and cannot be deleted.”

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