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How does while loop work in SCSS?

in SCSS on July 20, 2021

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SassScript has a rule @while that is used for writing a while loop with a code block.


@while {

SassScript @while loop works same as JavaScript while loop.

  • If the expression returns true then run the code block inside the curly brackets.
  • After the execution of the code block inside the loop, check again if the expression is true.
  • If not, do not then stop execution of the loop.
  • Keep executing the code block inside the brackets till the expression is true.


$min: 0;

@while $min < 5 {
    .p-#{$min*5} {
        padding: (5*$min) + px;

    $min: $min + 1;

The code above will compile into the following CSS code:

.p-0 {
	 padding: 0px;
 .p-5 {
	 padding: 5px;
 .p-10 {
	 padding: 10px;
 .p-15 {
	 padding: 15px;
 .p-20 {
	 padding: 20px;

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