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Dynamically generate names in SCSS (animation example)

in SCSS on April 23, 2021

We just learned about interpolation and @mixin and @include rules in SCSS. Let’s make use of those concepts and create an animation.

Step 1: HTML

Just add this basic HTML in your project. Other styles is just part of a setup. You don’t need that.

Step 2: Create @mixin rule

Let’s create a @mixin rule that will accept one argument – duration. Animation name will be created dynamically using unique-id() function.

As you can see in the SCSS code above, we are creating the name dynamically and using that name in @keyframe rule. We’ll add content inside the @keyframe rule in step 3. Also, we are defining other properties as well.

Step 3: Include @mixin rules using @include

Once everything is set, all we need to do is just add the @mixin rules to the element using @include. Also, we’ll add the contents for @keyframe rule.

Here’s the final code and working demo:

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