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CSS Attribute Selectors

in CSS on September 24, 2020

We can style HTML elements that have specific attributes or attribute values.

We can put the attribute value in single-quotes or double-quotes. It will work without quotes, but it’s not valid as per the CSS standard.

Selector Remarks
[attribute] Element with attribute
[attribute='value']  Where attribute has value attr_value
[attribute~='value'] Where value containing a specified word.
[attribute^='value'] Where attribute’s value begins with attr_value
[attribute$='value'] Where attribute’s value ends with attr_value
[attribute*='value'] Where attribute contains any_value anywhere
[attribute|='value'] Used to select elements with the specified attribute
starting with the specified value.
[attribute='value' i] Where attribute has value value, ignoring
attr_value’s letter casing. 



[attribute = "value"]

[attribute *= "value"]

[attribute ~= "value"]

[attribute ^= "value"]

[attribute $= "value"]

[attribute |= "value"]

[attribute="value" i]

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