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Create a responsive image gallery using CSS grid

in CSS on July 20, 2021

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Learn to make a responsive gallery using CSS Grid and without media queries

Creating a responsive image gallery is easier than ever before. You can have a flex or even better a grid to create a responsive gallery with less code and in no time.

Let’s go with the grid option in this post.

Step 1: HTML

I am going to keep the html content same as this Masonry Grid post.

Step 2: CSS grid

Let’s create a grid with some grid properties.

Step 3: Image style

Let’s add style for images to look a bit better.

Step 4: nth-child

Let’s make use of CSS nth-child pseudo selector to make our gallery a bit fancy.

Step 5: The missing images

You see there are bunch of holes in the gallery grid and looks like missing items. They are not missing. Because of nth-child rule, they are just pushing themselves to the next available spot. Let’s fill those holes with the images after those. We can use grid-auto-flow property to do.

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