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CONCAT and CONCAT_WS Functions in Postgres

in Postgres on April 25, 2020

Use the string concatenation operator || to concatenate two or more strings or even a sting with an integer and so on.

String concatenation

'Post' || 'greSQL'	=> PostgreSQL

String concatenation with one non-string input

'Value: ' || 42	=> Value: 42

Full example:

SELECT address || ',' || city || ',' || postal_code FROM customers;

"Obere Str. 57,Berlin,12209"
"Avda. de la Constitución 2222,México D.F.,05021"
"Mataderos  2312,México D.F.,05023"
"120 Hanover Sq.,London,WA1 1DP"

If you concatenate a string with a NULL value then it will return a NULL value.

For example:

SELECT address || ',' || city || ',' || postal_code || NULL FROM customers;


CONCAT function

Since version 9.1, PostgreSQL introduced a built-in string function named CONCAT to concatenate two or more strings into one.


concat(str "any" [, str "any" [, ...] ])

It concatenates all arguments. NULL arguments are ignored. You can pass array as well.

For example:

concat('abcde', 2, NULL, 22)	=> abcde222

CONCAT_WS function

WS stands for with separator.


concat_ws(seperator text, str "any" [, str "any" [, ...] ])

It concatenates all but first arguments with separators. The first parameter is used as a separator.

NULL arguments are ignored in this function as well.

For example:

concat_ws(',', 'abcde', 2, NULL, 22)  =>	abcde,2,22

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