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Colleague UI Basics: The Search Area

in Colleague on January 16, 2022

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Accessing the user interface

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Use Search Area to search for persons and forms both.

I use it mostly for form searches but every now and then it’s really handy for person search too.

This is how the person search area looks like:

Colleague UI Basics: The Search Area

You can search a person using any of the following options:

  • Person ID number
  • SSN
  • Person Name

You can ignore the leading zeros in the Person ID number when searching.

The dropdown next to the search area used to fetch recent searches.

There are multiple options when you want to search a person by their name. Here they are:

  • Lastname
  • Lastname, Firstname
  • La, Fi (partial last name, partial first name)
  • Firstname Lastname
  • Fi La (partial firstname partial last name)

Colleague recommends La, Fi option.

Avoid Creating Duplicate Persons

We call Colleague a system that just does whatever you tell it to do. In this smart tech world, that is pretty dumb.

So, you need to do the complete research before adding a new person. That will help you avoid creating a duplicate person. If you ever create a duplicate person, it’ll be your nightmare to remove that person and the associated registration, financial aid and payroll data!

Ways to search Colleague

There are multiple ways to perform the advanced search in Colleague in case you want to filter out some results from a large search.

Here are the types:

  1. Advanced Person Search
  2. Soundex Search
  3. Alternate Field Search
  4. Combination Field Search

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