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Colleague UI Basics: Accessing the user interface

in Colleague on January 16, 2022

This post is about Colleague UI 5.13

You can access the Colleague User Interface is using the Colleague App on the SCCCD portal. You must be on the SCCCD network to do so.

You can use any standard browser to access the Colleague UI.

You’ll need to login before accessing the inner colleague UI.

This is how the login screen will look like:

Colleague UI Login Screen

After you login, you’ll see this screen:

Navigating the Colleague UI

The Colleague UI has 4 main areas:

  1. Search Area: Lookup users or forms
  2. Context Area: Current user record info
  3. Help Area: Find resources for current forms/interaction
  4. Form Area: Detailed information for the user in the Context Area

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