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bin2hex() and chr() String Functions in PHP

in PHP on July 6, 2020

PHP String Functions Series Part 2

bin2hex() Function [PHP Version: 4+]

Converts binary data into hexadecimal representation.

Returns an ASCII string containing the hexadecimal representation of str. The conversion is done byte-wise with the high-nibble first.


bin2hex ($str)

where str = the string to be converted, it’s required


$str = bin2hex("YogeshChauhan.com");



chr() Function [PHP Version: 4+]

Generate a single-byte string from a number



Returns a one-character string containing the character specified by interpreting bytevalue as an unsigned integer.

bytevalue: An integer between 0 and 255.

Values outside the valid range (0..255) will be bitwise and’ed with 255, which is equivalent to the following algorithm:

while ($bytevalue < 0) {
    $bytevalue += 256;
$bytevalue %= 256;


$str = chr(046);
echo $str; // &


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